If you could come up with a pill that would give you all the benefits of exercise, you would make a bazillion dollars!  Nothing replaces it.  We are designed to move and not sit all day. 

Exercise boosts your immunity and makes you less susceptible to disease.  You live longer.  It helps maintain a healthy weight and improves body image. It improves your memory, mental focus and performance.  It promotes better sleep.  Wahoo, it improves your sex life! You have more energy to enjoy life!

Take Action:

Your goal is to do 150 minutes of aerobic activity every week. You could do this in 30 minutes, 5 days a week or slightly over 20 minutes every day. Add to this 2 days of strengthening. You will have the energy and strength to have fun and do what you want.  You can make it fun! 

Start Simply.  You get points for putting on your athletic shoes.

If 150 minutes seems too much to start, just start adding more movement every day and increase when you can.

Click here for some simple ways to add more movement and exercise into your life.