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Meet Linda

Linda’s mom at 92-years-old

Linda’s mom at 92-years-old

Here is my mom swimming with the dolphins at age 92. I have been blessed to have a mom who at 97 years old was still doing water aerobics 3X/week, walking on the treadmill and was still mentally sharp.  She lived in a senior apartment not a nursing home.  She traveled to Hawaii every winter until she was 95.  This is what I want for myself, my family and you.  We buried her on her 101st birthday and she had a good quality of life until the end. She left me with a vision on how we can live young and enjoy life for a long time. What a legacy! 

I want us all to live long and well and to have the health and energy to enjoy life.  Most of us will live into our 90’s or even 100.  How do you want to live?  Using a walker or being in a nursing home?  I would rather be able to swim with the dolphins, traveling and having fun.  How about you?

Like my mom, I enjoy being active.  I have owned a health and fitness business for 30 years.  We are all busy.  I hope this website/blog will help you learn practical ways to have more health and energy and reduce stress.  I am a licensed stress management, stop emotional eating coach and clinical aromatherapist.  As a wife, mother, daughter in the “sandwich generation” and trying to work with all the responsibilities we all have, I get plenty of practice using my stress management skills.


Sometimes life throws you a curve.  Even though I have had a healthy lifestyle, no genetic markers, and no family history, I had the experience of being diagnosed with breast cancer 20 years ago. 

Before experiencing breast cancer, I thought if I exercised, had good nutrition (at least most of the time), and managed stress, I was good to go.  I was doing what I needed to do to be proactive about my health.  I never really worried about getting a life threatening disease.  And, then I did.

I was shocked by this diagnosis.  It wasn’t just scary.  I was terrified.  My kids were preschoolers at the time.  I didn’t know if I would see them grow up.  

My friend Mary said, “Linda, you are the one person I never worried about getting this.” I came to realize that if I could get breast cancer anyone could. I have since learned that breast cancer is up 30% in men.   I wanted to know why.

An advantage of owning a health and fitness business is I taught workshops on managing your emotions and stress and how to be resilient.  I am a licensed stress management and stop emotional eating coach.  Thank God, I had some of these skills.  Even with them, this journey was hard.  I knew it was important for me to empower myself to understand contributing factors to this disease.  Obviously, what I was doing was not enough. 


I needed to figure out what other pieces was I missing in my lifestyle.  I knew this would help me feel I had some personal power in this situation.  With every experience, even horrible ones, there are gifts.  You can be more resilient if you look for them.  Being resilient empowers you.  It helps your immune system.  It increases your chances to not only heal but have a more vibrant life.

One of the gifts of being diagnosed with breast cancer is the paths of learning I would never have gone down without this experience.  Now, I am not saying I wasn’t led kicking and screaming down this path but I knew I needed to make something good come of it.

Have you wondered if products you use in your home could actually be making you & your family sick?

Does creating a healthy home even make a difference?

Through the Women’s Cancer Resource Center I started to learn about the effects of toxic chemicals in our environment and our homes on our health.  I didn’t know I was inundating myself with cancer-causing, hormone disrupting and neurotoxic chemicals every day in my own home.  Didn’t know these toxic chemicals were slowly accumulating in my body.  I didn’t know any of this, even though I owned a health and fitness business.  I became a board member for Women’s Cancer Action and started doing talks on how to reduce toxic chemicals in your home.

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Good News- we can control what comes into our homes.  It is critical to get rid of the toxic junk in our homes!  This isn’t hard.  It just takes a little education.

Another path of learning was being introduced to aromatherapy on my health journey.  I discovered pure, authentic, therapeutic grade essential oils are a great alternative to toxic chemicals.  They are safer, more economical and they improve and support every system of your body.    They definitely helped me restore my health and continue to help me be proactive in staying healthy.  The more I learned about them the more fascinated I became.  They should be in everyone’s wellness tool kit!

I am passionate about educating others so no one else has to go through a cancer experience to learn what I did. There are no magic bullets to health.  I have 6 steps to enjoying great health and wellbeing that I would like to share with you. These incorporate what I have learned through owning a health and fitness business for 30 years.

I am a nuts and bolts kind of person.  I need things to be practical.  I am busy.  We are all busy. My goal is to provide practical solutions to enjoy a healthy life & reduce toxic chemicals in your home.   I will share products I use myself that meet my quality standards- I am very picky about quality.  Ready to create a healthy life and non-toxic home?

Life is supposed to be fun!  Let’s create a lifestyle that gives the health and energy to enjoy it!

Let’s begin!


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