Recreation – Time to recreate yourself!

Recreation – Time to recreate yourself!


Often we get up in the morning, hit the floor running and the next thing we know it is bedtime.  With work, family responsibilities and taking care of others we often don’t take care of ourselves.  We forget life is supposed to be joyful.  It is important to have fun and recreation.  It revitalizes and renews us. 


With being part of the sandwich generation, taking care of kids and elderly parents, I realized I wasn’t having enough fun.  My New Year’s Resolution was to have more fun.  What a great resolution!   You think that would be an easy one, right?

Not as easy as I thought.  I had developed a bad habit of running here and there focusing only on what I needed to get done.  I literally had to plan some time each day for me and having fun.   My husband and I started to plan some date nights.  This seems so easy but sometimes with kids, this can get lost.  When we first got married, my husband and I would have a Friday night bath together.  We would have a glass of wine and talk about what happened to us that week and reconnect.  This really helped our communication and staying close.  Then we had children.  We even tried to keep it going but trying to have a conversation with toddlers splashing around just didn’t work.  We stopped doing it.  Years later we have reinstituted our Friday night ritual.  We realized relaxing together and talking was one of the best things we had done for our relationship.

So recreate yourself.  Enjoy life and have some fun.  Here are some ideas to laugh, create joy and fun:

  • Humor

  • Rituals – This can be simple.  I have a collection of antique china cups.  Sometimes I treat myself to a wonderful tea, breathe in the aroma and just enjoy a 10 minute break in my day.   A friend of ours loves Led Zeppelin.  Every morning she sends us a short Led Zeppelin video.  This has become a fun ritual for us during our morning coffee!

  •   Hobbies

  •   Non-competitive exercise

  •   Fun activities with partner, kids and friends


1.       Develop a humor kit.  Collect cartoons, jokes, funny gifts and funny YouTube videos Place them where you can see often or take a 5-10 minute funny video break.  Look for the humor in situations.  Laugh several times a day.

2.       Plan a short ritual to revitalize yourself every day.  Do it midday.

3.       Do some spontaneous dance around the house.  No one is watching.  Who cares?

4.       Each week do something fun!!!!! 

Now, grab your calendar and schedule a date or some fun activity this week.  In what way can you bring some laughter into your life each day?  What short ritual or hobby can you schedule into your schedule?  Enjoy!!!



What are you going to do for fun or recreation this week?

Don't wait for the storm to pass... dance in the rain.